Hire the Best

Data Science Recruitment

AI & Data Science

Connecting data to action. We procure top AI talent to transform large datasets into automated advantage, ensuring our clients are equipped to lead in a data-driven marketplace.


Software Engineering

A deep understanding of the industry's technical and creative demands. Our team have hands-on engineering experience. We are uniquely positioned to attract top-tier talent.

Information Security

Information Security

We deliver candidates who fortify defenses and safeguard your systems. From ethical hackers and development to chief information security officers.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Our team has firsthand enterprise cloud expertise and provide you the access to professionals who excel in building scalable and secure cloud infrastructures.


Fintech Innovation

Peoplegarden stands out by delivering recruitment solutions that are as innovative as the technologies our clients develop. We understand the intersection of finance and technology.

Project Management

Project Management

We specialize in recruiting leaders who can guide complex projects to successful completion. We connect you to expertise in leadership, planning and execution. On-time and budget.

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Sourcing leaders and innovators who propel your company forward. We connect you to the changemakers who will redefine your business landscape.


UI/UX Design

Our UX/UI recruitment focuses on creative talents who conceptualize and design engaging and intuitive interfaces. Balancing aesthetic appeal with functional design.


Regulatory Compliance

Highly specialized knowledge and experience. Peoplegarden provides professionals who ensure compliance and harmony with industry standards and legal requirements.


Blockchain Technology

We're at the forefront of recruiting those who've mastered this transformative technology. We understand decentralized applications and secure, transparent transactions.